Jun 25, 2021
Suzhou Xidian signed SYS & IDS projects with a biology customer

Suzhou Xidian is the largest distributor of Siemens in China, meanwhile, Xidian has always had the greatest sales achievements among Rexel Chinese entities. However, the top management of SXD and Rexel are not satisfied with the current situation. They decided to focus on the business of system integration and industrial digitization base on the existing clients of SXD. Admittedly, the development of this business takes long. There have been opportunities and challenges since January 2020, but this direction has never been given up and actions have been firmly carried out.

The hard work has finally paid off. After the arduous negotiation, SXD successfully signed the animal biological product industrialization construction project with a customer in Wuhan in mid-June 2021. The dynamical system includes 6 / 11°C air-conditioning refrigeration station, 7 / 12°C process refrigeration station, – 5 / 0°C low temperature process refrigeration station, heat exchange station, compressed air station second phase newly-built and first phase transformation.

It is the first time for SXD to supply the automation system, industrial digital service (IDS) and instrument products in one project, which means SXD has taken a big step on business model.

This is just the beginning. Although the client used SXD’s scheme and won the bid, the EPC customer’s winning the bid does not mean that SXD has got the project. But only can continue to participate in the project. From December 2020 to the present, SXD sales, PA, SYS and IDS team have been communicating closely with EPC and project contractor, including going to Wuhan construction site and Taizhou EPC company for many times. Let the clients have more and more recognition and confidence in SXD.

In the meanwhile, SXD also faces many strong competitors in HVAC industry, the professional integrators put great pressure on them. After round and rounds of technical clarification and business negotiation, the project was signed at last. 

The project represents that SXD has penetrating insight of the market, accuracy control of clients, efficient teamwork, rapid response ability, and take full advantage of Rexel’s resources. It’s a successful breakthrough in the transformation from logistics sales to system integration. We believe there will be more and more such business opportunities in the future. The technology base will be more and more profound and professional, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of SXD system integration and industrial digital service business.