Submitting a lighting quote to your customer, checking the orders placed by your employees, automating your procurement process… Whatever your need, Rexel offers you the right e-commerce solutions.

Source information, place orders and manage your account on Rexel e-commerce websites

With our 24/7 e-commerce websites, you can source product information and place orders where and when you need. Most Rexel websites display real-time prices and stock levels. You also benefit from advanced functions, including order tracking, billing services, account management and personalized purchasing conditions.

Rexelmall welcomes you. Web services are permanently available.


transactional solutions

E-procurement services connected to your IT systems

Depending on the size of your business, order volumes and IT system, Rexel can offer you powerful, personalized transactional solutions. Whether to optimize purchasing management or automate all or part of your transactions, these solutions are designed to reduce your costs and add a new level of dependability to your procurement process.

  • E-catalogs: standard or custom file formats to match your technical specifications, and containing your own selection of items with negotiated price lists.
  • Punch-out:offered on request, these connection options allow you to create your own shopping baskets for Rexel e-commerce websites, and import them into your own information systems.
  • SDI:Rexel uses data exchange technologies to optimize and reduce the cost of processing orders, billing and other documents.