Rexel China supports its customers to be the best in running their business, by providing a broad range of sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions in the field of industrial automation, commercial lighting and electrical supply. Over the past 20 years, Rexel China has built a solid distribution network to serve our industrial and commercial customers wherever they are based. With 36 branches and 17 sales offices all across China, we always have someone close by to support you.

Rexel China has its headquarters in Shanghai and its 6 entities are based in Shanghai (Rexel Electric and Zhonghao Technology), Beijing (Beijing Zhongheng and Ouneng), Suzhou (Suzhou Xidian) and Hangzhou (Huazhang Automation); there’s also a support center in Jinan, and branches and sales offices in all but a few of the provinces. The 2 distribution centers in Tianjin and Suzhou are well positioned to get orders to customers when and where they need them, whether they are close by or a little bit further away.