Maintenance, Repair & Operation

Rexel helps customers reduce supply chain TCO by providing a broad range of technical supplies to customers’ sites from a Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) perspective

A customized solution developed for Key Account customers, offering parts supply for the maintenance of mechanical and electrical devices. 
Pre-analysis will be implemented before cooperation starts.

  • Product Data and Procurement Process cleansing。
  • TCO feasibility study
  • TCO offer

When the cooperation starts, Rexel will set up program management for the customer

  • Vendor Managed Inventory on site
  • Consignment
  • Global local sourcing

Rexel will continue with savings improvement for customers with further cooperation from following aspects

  • Processing efficiency
  • TCO
  • Productivity improvement
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Product selection optimization

Rexel was awarded as Excellent Service Provider in 2019 by a large automobile manufacturer for its long-term MRO service, including consolidating and monitoring the customer’s supply chain, and optimizing and saving cost through monthly reporting.