Aug 15, 2022
Suzhou Xidian New Business Development

Proximity is one of Rexel’s value propositions. Rexel China pays great attention to support for its customers in the sales activities, technical advice and training.

For better proximity, Suzhou Xidian established System Ingegration Service Center in Hangzhou, according to the trend of market specialization and in combination with the characteristics of Xidian’s own customers, in order to cultivate its own system integration ability, focus on developing OEM customers, and form cooperation with OEM customers to give play to their respective advantages.

Xidian found out that the common pain point of small and medium-sized machinery manufacturing customers is their increasing demand for industrial automation (mainly including the configuration and technical ability of electrical automation personnel). The technical personnel configured by these customers can no longer meet the demand. Therefore, more and more professional system integration companies are required to help, which is reflected in system integration service outsourcing. While Xidian makes full use of its own advantages, from providing OEM customers with products to providing customers with complete sets of panels and cabinets and system integration.

Relying on the influence of existing diversified brands, Xidian provides customized services for some industries (including product sales, system integration and programming testing), provides localized services for OEM customers, and provides one-stop services for key customers in the automation industry (including cost control, provision of pre-sales solutions (prototype), control of delivery time during sales and after-sales maintenance). In combination with its own capabilities and the needs of Suzhou Xidian customers, the center will strive to find a unique way of panel and cabinet integration. The central business end and the sales end are based on the full-time personnel of the existing Xidian business teams. The complete set of teams includes the factory director, technical engineer, process engineer, quality engineer and workers responsible for business development. It integrates production, training and display, and cultivates professional system integration talents for Xidian.

It is believed that with the strong support of Rexel China and other Rexel entities, and the efforts of all colleagues of Xidian, remarkable achievements can be made for sure in the panel and cabinet business practice of Xidian.