Aug 29, 2022
Rexel Electric eastablished Guangdong Branch

China’s regional economic development is uneven, and industrial business opportunities are mainly distributed in the coastal areas. Among them, South China is one of the most active regions in the innovation and technology industry. The compound annual growth rate of industrial business is more than 20%, but Rexel China has limited development in this region. In order to expand the market, seize potential development opportunities, and cooperate with suppliers to develop a new industry – the planning of the electronic industry, this month Rexel China set up Rexel Electric Guangdong Branch in Guangzhou and will set up an office in Shenzhen. On August 25, Mr. Sean Zhang, General Manager of Rexel China and Rexel Electric, and Mr. Hu Junjin, Director of marketing department, accompanied by Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of Siemens Business Department and the person in charge of Guangdong Branch, and Mr. Liu Leilei, senior project manager, attended the opening ceremony of Guangdong branch and visited the Office.

Rexel Electric Guangdong branch will promote the sales of solution business based on PN card. In November 2019, in response to the changing market situation, Rexel China officially launched the cooperation with Siemens China Automation General Motion Control business unit and Linghua technology. In the past three years, under the strong cooperation and promotion of the virtual team jointly participated by Siemens China digital industry team and Rexel, the PN card project has realized from the initial concept to the prototype implementation, and entered the stage of jointly developing new businesses in the white spot area. The product has high stability and pressure resistance, and is highly recognized by customers. However, the sales area is mainly concentrated in East and South China. Therefore, the establishment of office and branch in Suzhou and Guangzhou is one of the landing steps of this business. In the future, it is also planned to set up branches and offices in Shandong, Anhui and other places to cover key cities in East China, South China, central China and North China with obvious hot industries.