Jul 11, 2022
Rexel China WiRE Activity

Do you still remember the 65th Oscar’s Best Picture Winner of ” Scent of a Woman”? The action of “smell” in the film refers to the process of thinking, while the “scent” refers to people’s mental world. The film tells us: smelling the scent with your heart is a change from pursuing mundane happiness to spiritual enrichment, and you can experience the world from another angle. What we think we have lost is not necessarily what we really want. Putting down the heavy burden and feeling it with heart is the true meaning of life.

On July 8th, the Human Resources Department of Rexel China HQ carefully organized an activity of “aromatherapy and smelling experience” for female employees working in Shanghai. It’s aimed to take this activity to let our female employees experience the charm of fragrance and bring everybody a beautiful and cool experience in the hot summer. Event instructor Evon is a veteran aromatherapy player. At the beginning of the activity, she aroused everyone’s interest in the topic through several interactive questions and answers, opening the mysterious door of aromatherapy. Next, Evon introduced the history of aromatherapy, its effects on the body, well-known aromatic product brands in various countries, how to avoid misunderstandings, find their own aromatic products, and so on. Then there is the incense smelling session that every attendee can experience different products. Bergamot, frankincense, lavender, rock rose, chamomile, dozens of fragrances were displayed one by one, and it’s the first time for most of the attendees to have such a unique experience. Everyone happily exchanged their feelings about each kind of fragrance and immersed themselves in the world of fragrance.

The time flied away quickly. An hour of activities ended in laughter, but each of us has an endless stream of enthusiasm for life, vision and pursuit of good things.