Apr 21, 2023
Rexel China held a motion control seminar with partners

With the continuous promotion of the PROFINET-Protocol-based motion control solution business, and in order to better conduct product iteration and discuss the technical specifications of the next generation products, Rexel Electric’s Motion Control department organized a tripartite technical seminar with the participation of Siemens and ADLINK in Shanghai on April 18th and 19th.

Industrial Ethernet has entered an explosive stage after several years of promotion in the industrial automation market of China. PROFINET, as a leading digital industrial Ethernet communication standard, can be used in the fields of factory automation and process control. Real time Ethernet solution applies to various industry needs – simple control tasks can be achieved within the same cable, and high-precision motion control requirements can also be transmitted. PROFINET balances the need of both real-time data transfer and being open, and can achieve perfect collaboration with OPC UA on the same network. The PROFINET based on TSN can realize all the functions of the Industrial Internet infrastructure. As one of the national industrial communication network fieldbus standards in China, PROFINET has broad market prospects.

As part of the strategic goal of Rexel China’s PowerUP 2025, the PN motion control card project is defined and initiated by Rexel, with production support from ADLINK and development support from Siemens. Rexel China is also responsible for the marketing and customer development of the motion control solution. After achieving a breakthrough in the PN motion control card solution, based on market demand and market research, Motion Control Department began to launch continuous product iterations. Therefore, the exchange of experience at this seminar is significant for the future technological evolution path.

The meeting invited Dr. Jie Ming, the senior expert from Siemens PROFINET development, Mr. Feng Shangke, PROFINET product promotion manager, and Alan, the Product Manager from ADLINK, as well as their colleagues in marketing and R&D. Mr. Zhang Wei, the director of Rexel Motion Control Business Unit, led colleagues in product management and technical testing to attend the seminar and exchange ideas.

On April 18th, the three parties had a heated discussion at Rexel HQ. The meeting focused on exchanging some details of the development of PROFINET technology, and reached an important consensus on the continuous development of PROFINET motion control cards. On the 19th, the group visited ADLINK Shanghai headquarters and had a production line tour. The two-day event has filled everyone with confidence in the continuous promotion of subsequent business.