Sep 16, 2022
Mr. Sean Zhang Guested Chat Show at Shandong TV Station

On the morning of September 14, Mr. Sean Zhang, Managing Director of Rexel China, was invited to participate in the live broadcast program “Leye Shandong” jointly created by Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and Shandong Radio and TV Station.

In the live broadcast, Sean gave a brief introduction of Rexel and Rexel China: Rexel is a global professional electrical product and service provider in the energy world, mainly covering North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, serving all types of customers in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. The turnover reached 14.7 billion euros in 2021. After 20 years of development, Rexel China focuses on serving customers in the industrial field, and more accurately expands in the industrial automation field. In 2021, the sales scale exceeded 4 billion RMB.

Benefiting from the cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, energy transition and emission reduction campaign led by China’s industrial upgrading, recent years Rexel has invested heavily in application based services, expanded the service connotation, strengthened the system integration business and digital solution business, and developed its own online e-commerce platform channels in the traditional offline channel model to provide customers with a variety of choices from product supply to service delivery. It also integrated the back office supply chain, from product data to the digitalization of the whole process, which can provide customers with an end-to-end efficient, dynamic and transparent experience.

In the interview afterwards, when referring to the development of Rexel in Shandong, Sean said that Shandong Province is a big industrial province, with healthy structure. For Rexel, Shandong has huge development potential. Rexel, driven by industrial automation, combines our own system integration advantages, and superimposes the unique global resource allocation of Rexel, will continue to increase investment in Shandong in the future, Better serve customers, serve the industrial automation market, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

After the live broadcast, Sean said that he was very grateful for the invitation of China (International) Robotics and High End Equipment Industry Alliance and Leye Shandong. The live broadcast had achieved unexpected results. Rexel will continue to focus on customers, build its own service capabilities, and contribute to the development of the industrial automation market.