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*Your alert should capture enough elements to answer the following questions : What incident do you want to report? At which site or location is the incident occurring? Is the incident a single incident or part of a series of incidents? Has the incident already occurred? How did you discover the incident? Has any action been taken to stop the incident or to prevent it?
This whistle-blowing procedure is a personal data processing for which Rexel Développement S.A.S. is data controller. This data processing has been authorized by the French Data Protection Authority (the ''Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés'', the CNIL). The personal data collected will not be retained beyond two (2) months after the closure of the verification operations. In the event of disciplinary or judicial proceedings, they will be kept for the duration of the proceedings. They will be deleted as soon as possible if the alert falls outside the scope of this device. The recipients of these data are the members of the Rexel Ethics Committee and, where applicable, any person duly authorized to know of them, in a strictly confidential manner. In accordance with the applicable law, any person can exercise his right of access and rectification to the data concerning him and, for legitimate reason, oppose their treatment, by contacting the Rexel Ethics Committee at the following e-mail address : These data may, if necessary, be transferred across borders to other Rexel Group companies affected by the whistleblowing procedure, in accordance with the protection and safety standards defined by the European legislation applicable to the data controller.1 In the event of transfer, to a country that does not offer an equivalent level of protection under applicable law2 , the data controller shall ensure the implementation of recognized protection mechanisms as appropriate by that legislation. By checking this box, the whistleblower acknowledges having read and been informed of the rules applicable to the processing of his personal data. 1 For example, without this list being exhaustive, the member countries of the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand. 2 For example, without this list being exhaustive, the United States of America and Australia.


Rexel Employee who has made an alert on a suspicion selflessly and in all good faith cannot be subject to disciplinary sanction or retaliation measures for this reason. By in «all good faith» we mean that at the time the alert was made, the whistle-blower believed that the information given was complete, honest and exact, even if later events should reveal that the alert was groundless. If an Employee realizes that an alert is unjustified, he/she must immediately inform Rexel. By «selflessly» we mean that the whistle-blower acts in the general interest and that he/she does not intend to obtain any benefit or reward, in any form whatsoever, in return for this whistle-blowing. Any «REXEL Employee» who feels they are being subjected to retaliation measures, as defined above, after having made an alert should report it immediately. Calumnious denouncements or alerts made in bad faith may give rise to disciplinary sanctions as well as legal proceedings.