Rexel, the world's leading electrical distributors, provides all employees with a wide variety of resourcces from very diverse ways and in many forms to enrich their knowledge, improve professional skills, which aims to help them success at Rexel. All those who have high performance, work with full engagement, and put Customer Centricity at first place are always rewarded as they deserve.







In Rexel, a variety of training resources help to enhance employees’ professional competency and leadership capability. Through staff’s self-growth and rapid progress, the company can build up a strong team to achieve the goal and mission. Hence, we offer different kinds of training courses to meet different needs of employees, such as:

  • Professional Skill Trainings
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Product Trainings
  • Soft Skill Trainings
  • Cross-Functional Trainings
  • Online Trainings

Not Only do Rexel advocate classroom training, but also learning at work. We promote mentoring culture of teaching and learning together. The mutual development of employees and company is the final objective of training.

Rexel training


There is a tool of Performance Management (PM) to help employees manage their PM cycle, from Objective Setting, Mid-year/Year-end Review to Development Plan through transparent communication. In Rexel, employees have opportunities to take different tasks, different jobs, or participate in cross-company projects. And mobility, one of the key Rexel HR policies, provides employees new career opportunities and development chances.