Last year, the Rexel Foundation and Rexel China partnered with Faurecia (one of Rexel’s customers and a major player in the global automotive industry) and the associations Marverlinn & Netspring, to set-up a green IT classroom powered by solar panels to help local school children at a primary school in Hubei Province, China.

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Clean energy enhancing the education of underprivileged children

9 months has passed since the official opening of the Green IT Classroom in Sanxing Center Primary school, located near Wuhan (Hubei province) which benefits 220 children and 25 teachers allowing them to continue to teach, learn and develop their IT skills to improve their prospects for the future. The solar panel station, which was supplied by Rexel to power the computers, has thus far avoided emissions of 2.1 tons of CO2 (compared with coal generation over the same period). The partnership was a great success bringing both positive social and environmental impacts - reducing e-waste, improving education for underprivileged children, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Below the moving testimony of Zeng Li (Grade 3), a pupil from the school who explained "The role of computers". 

“The teacher asked me to describe my feeling for music lessons in the IT classroom. I like going to our IT classroom to play with the computer, but not to sing a song. I will write something that I felt about the computer, but not about music, which is also about the feeling in the IT classroom. I think it is acceptable. Am I right, teacher?

The world in the computer is really fantastic. We are able to see many things via the computer, which we have never seen before. Since I have been longing for prairie for a long time, I could only imagine in my mind before. After we have the IT classroom and the computer, we are able to reach the video for the prairie, in which there are thousands of miles green grass and thousands of horses. It is really magnificent! I am willing to traverse in such a vast prairie on horseback one day in the future.

Reading is also my favorite. I often use IT classroom to read books, since there are not enough books in the school library. Teacher said it is very important for us, primary school students, to read books as many as possible. So each time we go to the IT classroom, she will leave some time for us to free read. I cannot agree with her more. But one thing need to be noticed is that there are some students sometimes playing the computer games. It is quite easy for us to be addicted to the computer games, which I think is not good.

So there are good sides and bad sides for the Internet and computers. We should learn how to correctly use them. Also like the teacher said, we should have self-control as well.”