Rexel Ouneng and the Industry Digital Solution business department of Rexel Marketing have been working together closely on the digital project of Taiyuan Rawshe Co. Ltd., they won the project because of customer’s recognition and trust recently. It is the 1st contract we signed with Taiyuan Rawshe for its private cloud deployment project, and the 1st project for Rexel as the private cloud solution, and also the 1st one after Industry digital solution business department was built and announced. It marks the progress of Rexel toward industry digital solution business. The project includes Rexel cloud platform, Dview 500 (Remote data monitoring and controlling) and related deployment and engineering.

Taiyuan Rawshe Co. Ltd., is a leading SI which is focusing on the segment of heat and water supplying. The customer designed and delivered over 100 heat exchanging station annually, while it’s insufficient in maintaining the operation and optimizing heating network. This caused the fast growing cost of service. Rexel industry digital solution is to localize cloud system to customer’s server that can acquire data from heat exchanging station and carry out big data analysis remotely. The solution can provide remote diagnosis and service, as well data storage and protection locally. The customers can offer quicker response and reduce maintenance cost after we enhanced its industrial digital capability. The impaction of the customer in heating segment will be greatly strengthened and contribute to its tendering win rate.

Mr. Yuan and Mr. Wen of Ouneng management committee, and Gongwei, Wangbo, the sales managers of Ouneng, have made great efforts to the project. Along with their support, the Industry digital solution business team of Rexel Marketing has communicated with customer frequently for technical details and solution verification. Liu Yudong, the team manager, finally have customer recognized Rexel industry digital solution after a lot of technical discussion and solution optimization, and has been working hard to coordinate internal and external resources. IT team provide support as well. The success of the project leaves us valuable technical know-how and reference.

Under the great support of Zhang xu, the CEO of Rexel Group, the industry digital solution business department of Rexel Marketing has been established to meet the growing industry digital demands of customers. It is determined for the team to develop industry digital opportunities and customers by working with entities’ sales and technical teams, and providing professional support as an expert and dedicate team.

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