When it comes to urban pipeline corridors, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the following scenarios: dark underground corridors, dark lights waving gracefully, narrow spaces filled with huge pipelines, sparse sewage duets, and pungent smell in the air. However, the newly built urban underground pipeline corridors in contemporary times are quite different. What is it like?

Xiaoshao New Area in Yunnan is the core area of the Central Yunnan New Area, a national development zone. In order to strengthen the links between the various blocks in Xiaoshao New Area, Xiaoshao New Town intends to invest 3 billion RMB to construct three East-West roads and three north-south roads in Xiaoshao New Town, which are 18 kilometers long. Underneath the road there is a comprehensive urban corridor with unified planning, design and construction. In addition to gas and sewage discharge, power, communication, water supply and other pipelines, as well as auxiliary systems such as monitoring, fire alarm, security surveillance and intelligent control, are integrated into the comprehensive pipeline corridor. The spacious and bright space breaks our understanding of the pipelines. The overhead lighting equipment makes the whole space clearly visible. Longitudinal road is composed of three bunkers: power cabin, gas cabin and integrated cabin.               

Recently, Zhejiang Huazhang has joined forces with Yunnan City Investment and Construction. Through the hard work of field engineers, we have applied IDC (Industrial Data Center), ThingManager (Thin Client Management), CCTV (Video Monitoring System), SCADA (Data Acquisition and Monitoring System) in the pipeline project, which collects environmental system, security and fire protection system. Communication system as a whole, unified monitoring and management, linkage control, to achieve a true sense of "unattended", a set of fully functional modern urban comprehensive corridor emerged.

Through one technological innovation and continuous realization of new technological breakthroughs, we will continue to make great efforts to realize the magnificent turn of urban pipeline corridors, create value for customers and lead the new breakthroughs of intelligent pipeline corridors.