On November 19th, 20 Rexel volunteers came to Shuikoumiao Primary School located in a removed area from Henan Province. The green IT classroom has opened on the same day. The volunteers spent one day here, teaching the children the purpose of the green IT classroom, introducing them the concept of sustainability and green energy and sharing many other activities as the fabrication of LED-lanterns.

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This IT Classroom is composed of 20 refurnished computers, powered by a 6KWh-solar plant station, bringing an autonomous, stable and environmental friendly source of energy. Furthermore, a water system has been added allowing children to have hot water in their dormitories. The IT Classroom offers the opportunity to the 200 pupils to learn basic computer technology such as create and edit a text document, a power point and also discover some basics of encoding. In addition, a media library is available enabling them to watch videos to improve their English.